To Save 1 Million More Souls in South East Asia Each Year



Based on estimation, there are 500 millions people without Christ in South East Asia alone. They live in deep darkness oblivious to the fact that a horrible fate awaits them when they die.

IF we do not reach these people for Christ, they will DIE. Because the penalty of sin is Death, every person that is not saved and clensed by the blood of Jesus is lost forever, locked up and tormented in hell forever.


The spiritual battle for every soul is real and fierce. Like Moses’ confrontation with Pharaoh, Satan will never let his captives go willingly. He will fight to keep each one in him.

Satan is indeed the god of this world. He has gone out to blind and deceive people from seeing the Truth. IF We do not respond and do something now, millions will PERISH.

Country Population Estimated Lost*
Brunei 453,000 362,400
Cambodia 15,561,000 12,448,800
East Timor 1,172,000 937,600
Indonesia 251,490,000 201,192,000
Laos 6,557,000 5,245,600
Malaysia 30,034,000 24,027,200
Myanmar 51,419,000 41,135,200
Philippines 101,649,000 81,319,200
Singapore  555,4000 4,443,200
Thailand 65,236,000 52,188,800
Vietnam 92,571,000 74,056,800

* Based on 80% of the population in 2014


The harvest is indeed plenteous, over 4 millions in Singapore and 500 millions all over South East Asia. How many among us are working hard to save our own countrymen? I believe very few. We are probably more concerned about what to eat and what to drink. The hope to reach these many for Christ is indeed very difficult.

Yet we must not give up. The Lord prayed for unity among believers so that the world may know Him (John 17:20-23). So is it not possible that if believers are united and work together as one, 1 million more souls could be saved every year?

We are here to facilitate how we can work together to win more souls. Currently, 2 initiatives have been implemented and we look forward to your support. The first is to Pray with your Neighbours and the second is to Fast Together. We believe there are other ways to work together. So we invite you to share with us how. Thank you for your support and love. The Lord bless you.


To reach so many souls, we need to pray and seek the face of God. Not casual prayer but a concerted cry to God for the lost persistently. This initiative is launched to get Christians to meet and pray with their neighbours, in group of 3 for 15 minutes a week.

When this happens, and thousands are praying in 3, we hope a million more prayers will ascend to heaven every year for the lives of the 500 millions in the region.

Pray with Neighbours


Fasting must be one of the most neglected disciplines among Christians. It is not surprising since fasting is hardly taught and uncomfortable to practise. But we see a need to fast. In fasting, we express our deepest hunger and desire for spiritual awakening in South East Asia.

We launch this initiative to connect believers from around the region to fast together. By standing together, we can do much more to bring down every high things that hold people in bondage.

Fast Together

 14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!   Romans 10:14-15 


To save 1 millions more souls in South East Asia is not impossible. You can start by telling other believers in the region through word-of-mouth or the social media link below. Together let us make a difference in this generation for the Lord, who desires none to perish.